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Free Healthcare Workers' Staffing Services and Communications Platform to Help Combat COVID-19 (Coronavirus) | Forum

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A CALL TO ACTION to minimize COVID-19's impact on patient care

On Thursday 3/12/20, New York State's Governor Andrew Cuomo called on all healthcare professionals to act as reserve staff as we brace for a worsening COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.  We know similar calls have gone out globally and believe Governor Cuomo's is only the first of many which will go out in the U.S. over the next coming weeks.

Health Staff Connect would like to do our part to help.  Through March, we are opening all services and site capabilities to all users, 100% free of charge.  The platform was built to connect the global healthcare community.  Now is a time when that capability could not be more critical.

We'd like users to utilize our staffing services and recently launched Colleague Connect and HSC Groups (both are forums for open communication), instant messaging, video conferencing application, etc. to ensure healthcare providers are fully staffed and all patients in need are supported through this time.

As healthcare professionals, our job is to ensure the health and well-being of all our current and future patients.  No matter what healthcare specialty (including Medical), from Dental to Veterinary Hospitals, there will be patients in need.  And all will be impacted by this global pandemic.  We already have many sick colleagues, who are unable to work, throughout Europe and Asia.  We have also seen an increased need for labor based on an increased flow of patients in need.  Our hope is to minimize the gap in patient care by offering free access to this platform so all professionals and providers can connect, coordinate, and execute plans of action in their particular geographic areas.

Our ask of you:  If you have not done so already, please register at now.  We are asking all healthcare professionals (whether you're currently seeking employment or currently employed) to please make yourselves available to hospitals, practices, facilities, and providers who may be short-staffed.  As the pandemic grows, current staff may become unavailable due to infection and an inability to work.

After registering, PLEASE forward this email to all healthcare professionals in your network (current and former co-workers, old employers, classmates, fellow board members, your healthcare society colleagues, colleagues you met in conference or at CE's, et al).  Please get this to your local government officials, so they are aware and can convey to their constituents, that there is a platform which can be utilized by healthcare professionals who are available to spring into action should the need arise.

If you're a provider office, please utilize the staffing functionality and all communications tools to bring in temporary, contract, full time, part-time, back fill, overflow etc. labor to ensure you are fully staffed to handle any increased patient flow.

To our Premium Employers, we again thank you and never want you to think we take your trust, loyalty, or patronage for granted.  We have placed your paid memberships on hold through mid-April and you will not be charged for any services during this time.  You will still have unlimited site access.

As always, Health Staff Connect Support and Experience Specialists will be here to support all of you as well.  Please contact us (phone or email) if there is something you need; we are here to help!

We will work together to make it through this trying time!


Mike Smith
President and Co-Founder
Health Staff Connect, Inc

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