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Why does Health Staff Connect only offer two membership options for employers? | Forum

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Admin Jan 23 '20

A: Health Staff Connect is 100% free of charge for job seekers and only $499 per year, or $99 per month for employers to gain full access to include reviewing job seeker details, contact information and accessing all virtual communication tools (internal messaging, virtual interview technology, etc.).  Our price is extremely competitive with others in our industry.  In fact, our annual fee is about the same as the cost of posting one job, for one month, on a job board like Indeed or Zip Recruiter.  

Given private practice turnover statistics, to remain fully staffed, you'll likely need to post multiple jobs, to multiple job boards, several times per year.  And this only addresses turnover, it does not even touch upon the poor performing employees most employers would love to replace.

We've polled many practice owners and hiring mangers and they desire confidence. They want a hiring tool that will allow them to find the candidates they need, precisely when they need them.  They want Peace of Mind.  As practice owners, we completely understand the cost associated with the full employee life cycle (onoarding, benefits, bonus, promotion, termination, downtime, replacement, etc.).  Our goal is to significantly reduce costs on the first step in that life cycle: hiring.  Instead of paying $5,000 - $15,000 per year to job boards or staffing agencies, we allow users to invest $499 into this tool and have 24/7/365 access to temp employees, back fill employees, replacement employees, additional staff for busy seasons, etc. 

Since our objective is to connect the best matching candidates to employers; we don't want users to have to register a position, post a job, pay, sort through resumes, find a secret place to hold an interview, etc. over and over and over again.  Instead, pay once and match anytime you want or need.  That's Peace of Mind. 

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