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When are employers required to purchase a premium membership? | Forum

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Admin Administrator
Admin Jan 23 '20
A: Depending on the number of employers already in a specific area, seeking specific types of candidates within certain job titles, there may already be candidates matching your needs prior to our posting your job.  

However, just like you would be charged prior to posting your position on any job site, you are required to become a Premium Employer (either $149 for a month's or $499 for a year's subscription) prior to specific job(s) being posted and/or to begin contacting matching candidates.  

We charge less to post an unlimited number of jobs on 20 sites (posted for an entire year and refreshed every 90 days), than you would pay to post one job on one employment site, for one month.  We are the least expensive and most functional staffing option in healthcare.

Like any employer, posting their own jobs on any number of job sites, there is no way to guarantee the exact candidates you desire will apply for you position.  However, our platform posts to sites which cover 98% of healthcare job seekers.  This allows us to create and manage an unlimited number of candidate databases for each healthcare job title.  As a result, chances exponentially increase that you will find matching candidates from our existing database or from candidates who apply to your specific job post.

We encourage employers to select every job they have in their office, when building their profile, whether they require a new job seeker to fill that position or not.  That way, if they ever need temporary help (someone calls out sick, goes out on a Leave of Absence, or quits without notice), there will likely be back up available to come in and replace them quickly. 

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