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HealthStaffConnect.Com is “The Cure for the Common” job board.  We provide healthcare employers and hiring managers with a higher level of convenience, more accurate matching, greater number of candidates, and less expense than traditional job boards and staffing agencies.  Our commitment:  You’ll never have to post another job or sort through the resumes of unqualified applicants again!


We are obsessed with analytics, assessment and continuous improvement.  In the years since our founding, we have come to a very profound understanding about this industry.  Many private practice healthcare positions require specific skills and traits – and while those skills typically transfer from office to office, each office is unique and requires candidates who can work well with providers and patients.  We built this tool with that understanding.  


Job boards allow users to post jobs and candidates to apply.  It's up to the provider or office manager to weed through applicants; 95% of whom are not typically qualified.  Staffing agencies attempt to create matches through experience and culture fit.  However, they are incentivized to fill a role so they will send who they have and try and convince the provider or office manager that the candidate is a match. 


Health Staff Connect is creating a different relationship between healthcare employers and job seekers.  You'll never post another job.  Instead, we address all pertinent questions any expert recruiter would ask regarding skills, experience, and culture fit.  The system takes your responses and matches them against candidates' skills and work experience, to produce the best matches available.  And the kicker is, our annual subscription fee is less than half the cost of job boards and 10x less expensive than 1 single placement through a staffing agency.  In addition, you can match, review, and interview 24/7/365 since our tools are never offline.  It should not cost a lot to find the right candidate.  HSC's technology is creating the new normal.


Healthcare is not only specialized but because many healthcare employers (especially in private practice) are efficiently staffed, we are dependent upon each individual employee.  Nearly every employee has the ability to significantly impact the business in either a beneficial or detrimental way.  Job seekers are much more effective when matched not only to the right job but also to the correct office environment.


With 125% turnover industry wide, private practice employers can expect to replace between 5 and 10 employees year after year, which translates to $15,000 or more, annually, in staffing fees alone (not to mention downtime, additional productivity costs, and patient dissatisfaction).   Health Staff Connect allows users to fill those roles for less than 1/10th of what they’re spending today, with access to more candidates without having to post one single job. No resume sorting, no endless phone calls and interviewing, and 24/7 access for your convenience. 


Our matching technology works continuously.  Even when you are not logged into the site.  How does that benefit you?  If your employee quits with no notice?  Simply login and select the best full time matches.  Employee calls out 30 minutes before their shift starts or even 3 hours into their shift?  Simply login and select the best temporary matches.  Have an employee who is not performing well?  Simply login and find their best replacement.   


We don’t charge you every time you “need someone new.”  You pay once and have 24 hour access to candidates as often as you need.  No more daily fees paid to temp. agencies to "borrow" their employees, or exorbitant fees paid to staffing companies to locate a "hard to find" candidate. Those job seekers are already signed up with Health Staff Connect.  Pay one low fee and have access to candidates like that for an entire year.


And since it’s all online, you can view your matches from any device that has a web browser and internet connection, and from anywhere in the world.  You need a quick temp or locum tenens?   They are already in your dashboard; you’ll only need to reach out to them.  You have a poor performing employee?  Don’t be held hostage.  Replace them today or tomorrow, not in 3 weeks or a month.  You’ve been understaffed but you don’t feel like playing the job posting game?  Find matching talent immediately.


You need convenience?  How many jobs will you need to post this year?  HSC registration only takes about 10 minutes and you need only do it once.  You can make revisions right from your dashboard, anytime you need.  Need to interview quickly or confidentially?  As a premium employer, you'll have access to both video interview and internal messaging technology, in your dashboard, only a click away. 



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