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Doctors continuously upgrade their technology in an effort to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and improve diagnosis. This makes for a better patient experience.  Yet, when it comes to finding employees to service their patients, they settle for outdated, inefficient, expensive and burdensome solutions.  As a result, the employees are not specifically matched to the role, so they cannot meet the needs of the practice. 




Our solution is better for both employers and job seekers.  At HealthStaffConnect, we specialize in staffing private practices, so we understand every employee in your practice is critical!  Our pricing (free for job seekers) and volume of available candidates is what sets us apart.  Welcome to the new face of Healthcare Staffing!


No more spending hundreds of dollars to place jobs on boards, then spend dozens of hours filtering through resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates. No more worrying that staffing agencies are charging you thousands while trying to convince you their candidates are excellent.  No more being held hostage by poor performing employees.  Replace them all with HealthStaffConnectWe Match! You Choose!


Like a staffing agency and a job board combined, we are a one-stop shop.  You take 10 minutes to register.  Before employers pay a dime, we post all your positions to over 25 job sites (including Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, Facebook Jobs, GlassDoor, etc.) – During registration, employers can add any language they’d like us to use in their job post. 


Our AutoMatch technology reviews all candidates, filters out any unqualified talent or job seekers who do not match and delivers only the most qualified applicants to your dashboard.  You can then review those candidate profiles including resume, qualifications, skills, experience, education, preferences, degrees, licenses, certifications, etc. and contact them directly.  You can also video interview directly from your dashboard or use our internal chat tool if you want to ensure confidentiality. 


Unlike a staffing agency, which charges several thousands of dollars for each individual placement fee, or job boards who charge, on average four to five hundred dollars per month, to post one job title , to one site; we charge $499 per year (or $149 monthly) for UNLIMITED staffing!  In fact, we charge less for one year of unlimited staffing, than you would pay to post one position, on one job board, for one month.  You need 5 employees or 500 employees per year, it’s $499!


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