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Frequently Asked Questions

The list below contains many of the questions frequently asked by our users.  Please review and should your question not be answered, please click CONTACT & SUPPORT and we will review and respond ASAP.


Q: How does Health Staff Connect work?

A: Health Staff Connect is the newest, most advanced generation of staff matching technology.  Users should view us with the same expectations as a job board, but without the burden of job board requirements.  We do not require employers to post jobs and job seekers to apply to each of those jobs individually.  Instead, we compile all the individual and unique characteristics of employer requirements, and match those against job seekers' skills, experience, and preferences.  Those who match can make contact with one another to pursue an employment relationship.  


Q: How many disciplines and job titles can users add to their profile?

A:  There is no limit to the number of disciplines and job titles users can add to their profiles.  In fact, we encourage employers to add every job title, in their office, to their profile.  That way, they can quickly match to available job seekers should any of their employees call out or quit without notice.  The benefit of this tool is quick matching and convenience.  We also encourage job seekers to add as many profiles as the believe they have had a significant amount of experience performing; especially in areas they would like to build a career. Our advice is to add job profiles, for those positions where the job seeker has, at least, 1 year experience.


Q: How are job seekers paid once employment is established between job seeker and employer?

A: The employer pays the job seeker/candidate directly for any agreement made between the two or more parties.  Health Staff Connect is not an employment agency or a staffing agency.  We do not hire job seekers and lease them out to employers on a temporary or contract basis.  We are a staff matching site.  As a result, we charge employers a fee to connect them to job seekers.  The employer and job seeker are responsible for understanding the salary and tax requirements for their area.  Employers are responsible for paying the employees, contractors or temp workers directly.  Health Staff Connect does not pay job seekers on behalf of the employer or represent or warranty the employer to the job seeker. 


Q: What happens if the healthcare discipline, job title, software or something else does not exist on the site?

A: We know in an industry as vast as healthcare, we may not have captured all job titles on first pass. If we are missing information, please click this link to be redirected to our contact form.  There, choose the feedback option, let us know what we've missed, and we will add the information to the site.


Q: What is a premium membership?

A: is free for all to register.  All job seeker site functionality also free.  When employers are prepared to begin receiving contact information for the job seekers to whom they match, they are required to pay for a premium membership.  We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual premium memberships.    


Q: Does the website work on my phone?

A: Yes.  Full website functionality can be accessed from your mobile phone; it does not require an app.  The site was optimized for use on a tablet, so it is best to turn your phone horizontally for best effect.


Q: Can users control their privacy settings?

A: Yes.  Once logged in, users can navigate to the top right of the web page and locate their username.  Click on the arrow next to the username to display several options, one being "Privacy Settings."  Here users can set access permissions to the content they display to other users.  HSC provide 3 modes of access and visibility.

  • Regular Mode - Normal access and visibility
  • Anonymous Mode - Profile will show up in matches, however, name and contact information will not be visible until after initial contact is made and details are released by the user.
  • Invisible Mode - Profile will not show up in matches and will not be visible to other users


Q: Why does Health Staff Connect only offer one membership price?

A: Health Staff Connect is 100% free of charge for job seekers and only $499 per year for employers.  Our price is extremely competetive with others in our industry.  In fact, our annual fee is about the same as the cost of posting one job, for one month, on a job board like Indeed or Zip Recruiter.  Given private practice turnover statistics, to remain fully staffed, you'll likely need to post multiple jobs, to multiple job boards, several times per year.  And this only addresses turnover, it does not even touch upon the poor performing employees most employers would love to replace.

We've polled many practice owners and hiring mangers and they desire confidence. They want a hiring tool that will allow them to find the candidates they need, precisely when they need them.  They want Peace of Mind.  As practice owners, we completely understand the cost associated with the full employee life cycle (onboarding, benefits, bonus, promotion, termination, downtime, replacement, etc.).  Our goal is to significantly reduce costs on the first step in that life cycle: hiring.  Instead of paying $5,000 - $15,000 per year to job boards or staffing agencies, we allow users to invest $499 into this tool and have 24/7/365 access to temp employees, backfill employees, replacement employees, additional staff for busy seasons, etc. 

Since our objective is to connect the best matching candidates to employers; we don't want users to have to register a position, post a job, pay, sort through resumes, find a secret place to hold an interview, etc. over and over and over again.  Instead, pay once and match anytime you want or need.  That's Peace of Mind. 


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