About Health Staff Connect

The core of what we do is very simple.  We take candidate information and employer information and match those pieces of information to find the best employment connections available.  Like dating sites, where data is matched to find love connections, we match data to connect qualified candidates with the employers who need them. However, two things make us very different from others who staff healthcare.  The number of candidates and employers in our database and our ability to match your needs in minutes not hours or days.

The healthcare professionals who founded Health Staff Connect have one goal: To connect every healthcare professional, on the planet, by 2020. Best way to initiate interaction between unrelated professionals? Staffing. Healthcare professionals are some of the most transitional in any industry.  Since staffing is all about choosing the correct person to fill a need, we initiated HealthStaffConnect.com as the conduit to making those connections. 

We are all practice owners.  We understand how critically important staffing is to the success of any practice.  How much easier would it be if every candidate and every employer were in the same place at the same time?  What if employers could find 20 qualified candidates by clicking one button?  What if employers could view candidates profile pages, ensure they met their needs, could view video of the candidate prior to interviewing them, could interview them directly from their personal profile page, on the website itself?  This is where HealthStaffConnect.com is headed.  

Soon, the healthcare matching portion of the site will be even more user friendly and even less expensive. At that point, users will be able to match and choose 100% online. Further, the staffing component will be only one of several pieces of this site's functionality. Our objective is to ensure every healthcare professional can interact with every other healthcare professional in a safe and meaningful way.  We are developing interactive message boards, individual user profile pages, virtual job fairs, virtual practice transition functionality, virtual meeting rooms, direct/smart advertising, complete suite of networking tools including one touch, cross-discipline communications, and many things that will help bring healthcare professionals closer together. 

We will keep costs low by choosing not to advertise traditionally. We believe the healthcare community has only a few degrees of separation and that we can build this site, almost solely, by the referrals of our users. We are gaining thousands of users daily and expect to be in the millions in the next several months. Please refer us to your colleagues, as well. The more you refer, the faster we'll grow and the sooner you can interact, with anyone across the entire healthcare community, with just one click.