Thanks for your interest in registering with Health Staff Connect.  As an employer you only have a two step registration process. You will complete the short, 15 question fillable registration form we call the "Questionnaire".  The Questionnaire will outline all employee positions you have in your office.  The form will tell us how much experience you want these candidates to have, how much you want to pay them, what hours you'll need them to work, how much experience you want them to have, what types of software experience you need them to have and more.  You will then save the form (per the instructions below) and you will email us the form using the tab labeled "Send Form".  Once you're ready to request the professional profiles of candidates in our database, your next step is to click the tab entitled "Request Candidate" and simply let us know which position you are seeking to hire.  We will match your needs with the skills of the candidates in our database.  We match, you choose!

The Registration form below is critical to our matching process. To both ensure user privacy and for security reasons, we must have users save the fillable registration form as an image.   The instructions to do that are below in both written and pictorial form. Please disregard the "save" instructions on the registration form itself; they are incorrect.  After completing and saving the registration form, scroll down, click "send form" and attach the saved questionnaire form to the email.

Save Instructions:
1. First, complete the Questionnaire in it's entirety.  There are 15 questions.  The more information you give, the more opportunity you will have to be placed.

If you complete the form on the website you will:

2. Right click anywhere on the document and click the word "print"
3. Make sure the "destination" is labeled with the option "Save as PDF"
4. Save the document to your device.  It saves automatically as an image.
5. Remember where you save this image.  You'll email it to us in Step 3.

 Click  "Instructions" form to open a step by step document.       Please click the Questionnaire below and complete

If you completed the questionnaire as an attachment, the directions are below:

2. Once completed, instead of clicking on the SAVE option, Go to FILE > then PRINT
3. A Dialog Box will appear with the default printer listed in the "name" drop down box.  Next to the name drop down box are two buttons "properties" and "advanced"  Click the advanced button
4. Checkmark the bottom checkbox "print to file" and click "ok"
5. Click the "print" button and a "save as" box opens
6. Save the document to your device (it saves automatically as an image).
7. Remember where you save this document because you will email it to us in Step 3.

Click  "Instructions" form to open a step by step document.