Finally, there is a place you can go to find as many temporary or permanent staff members as you need, as often as you need them, at a much lower cost than ever before.  Finally, bad employees can't hold your practice hostage. Now, you can easily replace them and reclaim increased productivity.  At what we do is simple. We connect healthcare candidates to healthcare employers.  We are not an employment agency. We are not a job board.  We are a hybrid.  We give you the same convenience and ease of use as a job board.  We give you the same personalized service as a placement agency.  That means we pair you with the candidates who actually match your requirements and we make it both simple and convenient for you.  Before you make any financial commitments, let us show you the professional profiles of those who are qualified to meet your needs. 

We have no limitations, you can request candidates, online, at anytime of the day or night that is convenient for you.  There are a finite number of candidates in every market.  HSC has access to all of them.  And we're less expensive.  If there is a candidate qualified enough to be in your office, they are registered with us.

Employers are responsible to pay candidate wages directly to the candidate at the end of each contract term or at another agreed upon time.  Please understand both federal and your state and local tax responsibilities when hiring permanent and temporary labor.