Two easy steps to your next great employee!  If you're looking for  new temp or permanent labor, our process is simple. First, register.  When you're ready, submit request(s) for candidate(s).  We match your requirements to the skills and specifications of the candidates in our database.  Then you are in control.  You choose which candidate(s) you like best based on skills, salary, availability, personality, resume, etc.  You can even view a video interview of the candidate! was founded by practicing doctors. We understand how much the right employees mean to your business's success and how much a bad one can add to your daily struggles. Finding the right employees can be more challenging than finding patients. What you expect from a staffing service is to match you with the right candidates. You'll never find that from a job posting site. It's up to you to locate a viable candidate using that method.  
Have you ever seen how many unqualified people search for employment on job boards and through sites like Craig's List? Employment agencies are very expensive and are typically hit and miss. They send who they have available. has nearly 1 million qualified candidates, in our database, actively searching for both temporary and permanent employment.  You will never again have to "work hard" to find the right employee!   We find the best matches for you and place dozens of qualified job seekers at your fingers tips.  
We match!  You Choose! You will view your best matched candidates professional profile pages, directly on our site.  The professional profile page includes the candidates online interview video, their cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, certifications, degrees, and more.  

Referrals are the cornerstone of our growth and success.  We are less expensive than our competitors because we choose not to advertise.  We believe that the healthcare community is fully connected and that we can grow our population, solely through referral.  We also believe in our users and that those they choose to refer will be a quality group.  Please continue to help us to grow.  The more users we have, the more opportunities we have to connect quality candidates with quality employers.