Only interested in The Network?

Not currently looking for a job?  Not currently searching for employment applicants? 

That's perfectly fine! 

You need not be actively seeking employment or be actively seeking candidates for employment to join the site.  On this professionals' only networking site, we divide our users into two distinct categories: Candidates (those who work within healthcare) or Employers (those who employ individuals in healthcare).  This helps all users know with whom they are interacting.  We want each user to create and develop the best relationships possible.

There are situations where one user will join the site as both an employer and candidate.  As an "Employer" you may join the site as your business name or as the business you work for (e.g. ABC Dental, Oak Park E-Care, or Willow Bluff Animal Hospital, etc) and as a "Candidate" you may join the site with your own personal username (Mary Smith, John Williams, or Chris Peters, etc).  Afterward you may create both your personal AND professional profile (at one time) and simply take advantage of all the networking resources we offer. 

And if you ever find yourself in the position of need (looking for a job or looking to hire), you'll not need to create a secondary account.  You'll simply list yourself as available to open opportunities (Candidates) or seeking qualified candidates (Employer).

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